Play dates and funny faces!

Preslee had a playdate with Brody last wednesday and then a group playdate on Friday! She thinks she is such a big girl and loves watching the older kids play.

She loves Brody and his sister Jillian so much! Brody showed P all of the toys on her jumparoo!
And she even laughed at him!
I think Brody had just as much fun playing with Preslee's toys!
Then on Friday we went over my friend Emily's house for a little playgroup! We are excited to start going to these at least once a month!
Asa, Preslee, Annabel, Porter and Stella
These sweet girls really enjoyed playing together!

These pics are some of my favorite so far! I love how her personality is starting to show and love all her cute faces!
Oh my, I love this sweet face!


Mallory said...

Gosh!!! She is SOOOOOO cute!!

Crystal Renee said...

She is so adorable. I love how as young as she is, she looks so grown in her play thing. (Not sure what that is called.)

Hannah Elisabeth said...

Oh my gosh, adorable!!!

Elizabeth said...

What a PRETTY baby!!!

Sarah-Anne said...

ohmyword she is precious! i know i say that EVERY time but for reals your sweet girl's expressions are so CUTE!

Maydelin said...

Crazy faces and hair! ha!

Randi said...

she's adorable! Brody is so good with her!

emily said...

How fun!!
Her smile is simply adorable.

Jennifer said...

So cute!! Her faces crack me up!
I'm going to have to make sure JK doesn't see the pictures of Brody with P! She might get jealous! :)

Miss Mac said...

We love the kick and play piano! She is getting so big and those are such sweet expressions:]