All about family.

We spent last weekend with our family! I feel like weekends at home are like a game of tug-a-war with everyone wanting to see Preslee. I love being there but it can be very exhausting for me!

But this weekend, we went down to see my dad receive an award and we would't have missed it for anything!  
 Preslee got all dressed up to go to the luncheon! 
 He got the Arkansas Dental association Distinguished Service award!! 
 We are so proud of Pop!!

We also spent time with Matt's family! It was such a beautiful day so we sat outside and let Preslee feel the grass and sun! :) 
I love how her little legs are crossed and propped up! 
Uncle Andy shared his shades with P!
G-dad loves his great granddaughter so much! She's pretty fond of him too! 
Trying out cousin Brandon's old jumparoo! 
Cousin Brandon also showed Preslee his chameleon! I didn't know this pic was taken but I was assured by Matt that she didn't actually touch him! He freaks me out! :)

My best friend Kristin came over with Elliott! These girls are only 3 weeks apart!
I love that they are going to grow up together and hopefully be good friends like their mommas! 
We have a hard time getting a good pic with these crazy girls.
But how cute are these sad faces?! :) 
I love these faces so much! 

We had a great weekend and once again feel blessed to have such a wonderful family that loves us so much! 


Emily Richardson said...

Makes me feel a little better that Elliot is bigger than P and she is younger:). Also, it looks like she is going to squeeze the chameleon to death!

Nancy said...

That last picture is the CUTEST!! Congrats to your Dad!