Easter Saturday

My family celebrated Easter on Saturday at the Lake! We grilled burgers, ate cupcakes, had an Easter egg hunt and had a wonderful time together on a beautiful day!
Matt and Evan showing the kids the water!
Love that Preslee and Seth are matching! I can't wait for next Easter when they are both running around looking for eggs together!
Sweet babies.
Cute Easter cupcakes from Ricks!
Preslee found her egg!
Romeo stayed at home but he was missed!
Preslee's first time at a playground!
Seth is a pro at swigning!

Then we headed back to my parents to hang out and do Easter baskets!
Nanny and Pop spoiled them rotten with all these goodies!
Uncle Evan
Seth was checking out Preslee's basket and she says "This is MINE!" :)
P is ready for her trip to the beach this summer!
We are very thankful for these precious blessings this Easter!

Next post will be Easter Sunday and baby dedication at our hometown church!


allie-mac-fallie said...

I love her adorable outfit and those stylish glasses.... she is just too cute! :)

Kelly said...

Oh-em-gee...I can never get enough of sweet PBell's little face, she looked so adorable in her Easter attire. You're such a super mommy and your face and eyes just glow with love whenever you have your pretty baby around.

-Kelly Forbes

The Niemeyer Nest said...

They look so cute in those shades! The cupcakes are so festive. I hope they were as yummy as they looked. Preslee is just beautiful just like her Mama. You look amazing too Julee! I hope you are feeling well now and adjusting to the hectic, wild ride of motherhood. I am still adjusting and have a 3 year old and a 9 month old.

Maydelin said...

she is so cute!! happy Easter!