9 months

once again, this is way behind but here it is for documentation! :) 

Things to remember about Preslee's ninth month:
  • At your 9 month appt, you weighed 17.14 and were 27.5 inches long!
  • You are wearing size 3 diapers.
  • Still wearing 6-9 month clothes!
  • You are nursing 5 times a day and eat 3 meals a day! You will literally eat just about anything I give you! Eating off our plate is your favorite! 
  • You drink water out of your sippy cup at meals. 
  • You are still sleeping 10-12 hours at night and 2 naps during the day ranging between 45min-2hours! 
  • You have 4 teeth and I think you are working on more right now!
  • You are still crawling & sliding one leg as you go! 
  • You can walk behind your walker or anything that will move with you! 
  • You stand alone for many seconds at a time. A few times you have taken 1 step but then realize it and sit down quickly! 
  • You are a handful and still into everything! Poor Romeo never has his food and water down because you constantly get into it! 
  • You have started to get mad and lay down on the floor if I take something away from you!
  • Bath time is finally fun again! 
  • You are chatty! You say mama, bye-bye and finally Dada!
  • I have been working with you on animal sounds and you will growl like a lion! 
  • Big thing that happened this month is we MOVED to Little Rock! You were really good during the move & packing up process. I had lots of grandma help and couldn't have done it all without them! 
  • Romeo has started to play with you and you still love him so much! 
  • You love other kids and had so much fun at 2 birthday parties this month!
  • You have started to share kisses and everyone loves when you kiss them!

Romeo is checking you out! 
You seriously are starting to look like a toddler! Especially with shoes on! 
I just can't get enough of your sweet face! 

Our favorite team, The Arkansas Razorbacks are not doing good this year but you are still cute with your hog gear on! :) 

P- You are getting to be so much fun! I love how you can interact with me and I know soon enough you will be having lots of conversations with me! Your personality is really coming out and as much as I know we will butt heads, I love your feistiness and just love to watch you as you turn into a little person with opinions! You are figuring things out and I love seeing you learn new things!
 I know I am your mom, but I seriously think you get more beautiful every day! I love you so much sweet girl!


Maydelin said...

soooo cute, Happy 9 MONTHS Miss P

Anonymous said...

She is precious !!!! Happy 9 months !

Erikita said...

Already 9 months...she's a tiny thing! I thought she was barely 6