Dont give up on me!

I just wanted to say that I have not given up on this blog! Its just been a really busy 2 weeks with us moving into another house! All of my family came to help us move and we are basically settled in. I mean, we can both park in the garage already so I think that says something! :)
My mother in law and my mother came last weekend. We had such a great time with them. Lisa got here on Friday night around 6 so we headed down to Dickson Street to see the U of A Homecoming parade. Matt was the emcee and introduced all the floats. It was so fun and it Lisa and I really enjoyed it! Then we went to see Brody for Halloween. He was so precious in his little outfit I had gotten him. (pic coming soon)
Saturday, Mom and I got up early and went to garage sales. It was a lot of fun but we wasted a lot of time riding around trying to figure out where they all were located! The rest of the day we spent organizing around the house and watching the Hogs beat Tulsa!! We finished the day by a wonderful dinner at OUTBACK! Best place on earth!
We also took our moms to church on Sunday. I was glad for my mom to get to go to our church. Lisa had been before but it was very nice to have them with us! After church we ate at Aubelo's in Rogers and it was delicious!

Daily light savings time change really has messed me up this week! All I have wanted to do is sleep! Crazy how only an hour can mess up your schedule!

I am headed to see one of my best friends from college, Emily Parker Muckleroy, tomorrow! I am flying from Tulsa to DFW! I am so excited about the weekend and I am sure I will have a lot to blog about when I come back!

Hopefully by then I can located my camera cord to put some pics of the this blog! Hence the reason I have only words today! :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful fall weekend!

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Cara Beth said...

Post some pregers pictures of Emily! Ya'll have fun!