Shiba Inu

This post is dedicated to my favorite breed of dogs, Shiba Inu. Obviously I love Shiba's because of my sweet Romeo. But just this week, 4 million people fell in love with them too. A LIVE video feed from a web cam in California of 5 week old Shiba puppies has been shown on many national news stations. And seriously 4 MILLION people have watched these puppies grow for the last few weeks. All they do is play with each other and sleep but they are just so precious.
All of you have to check them out! I just wish Romeo still looked like this! Stayed tuned to these puppies. They have all been adopted but all are going home with web cams so that we can watch them grow up!
Even if you don't like dogs, this will at least make you smile!

Click HERE to see the Shiba web cam!

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Rebecca & Sam said...

that is hilarious! i loved seeing them playing on the web cam. thanks for sharing.