Family-filled weekend!

Friday afternoon, Matt's family arrived in Fayetteville! His grandparents drove in their huge motor home and got here around 5:15pm. I had to work until 4 and I cleaned non-stop until they got here. I was already pooped before the fun even began!

Matt's mom, brother, 2 Aunts and 2 cousins got here shortly after. That equals 8 TOTAL , just in case you lost count! They all got here in time to watch Matt on the 6:00 news. :)

I cooked a huge pot of Chili and brownies for dinner and we headed to the Fayetteville Square around 9. The square is very festive during Christmas and everything is decorated with beautiful lights. Then Matt invited everyone to come watch the 10:00 news! So all 9 of us barged in KNWA around 9:45 and tried to stay quiet and out of the way. Everyone really enjoyed seeing Matt and watching how the news is produced!

Saturday was filled with tons of shopping and eating lots of good food! We had so much fun with everyone here and were sad to see them leave this afternoon! Romeo is especially sad because he loves having company and he had so many people to play with him all weekend!
Here is a few pics from the weekend...

Lights of the Ozarks- Fayetteville Town Square

The whole gang!

The gang again!

This is a dwarf miniature horse! She was so cute!

Matt's mom and cousin Cole on the camel! :)

Watching Matt do the news!

Sam and Zeke in their matching sweaters. Sam is Matt's mom's dog on the left and Zeke is his Gram's and is on the right and both are Maltese.

Our house with the motor home parked in the front! We laughed because it looked like the Griswald's had come to visit!

Matt's Gram picking up Romeo. She is used to her 5 pound dogs, not 26 pound Romeo! :)

Matt's Gram, Aunt Sandy, Mom Lisa, Aunt Kathy and Romeo!

Romeo LOVES UNCLE ANDY! I thought this pic was really cute!

I was so exhausted when they left so Romeo and I took a 2 hr. nap! Having all the family here makes me so thankful for family! We really had a wonderful weekend and I am so glad they came to visit!

Only one more full work week and my parents are coming this weekend to last minute shop. And then its CHRISTMAS!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! Better get your shopping done there is only 10 days left!

I leave you with this cute pic of Romeo and Ruby posing in front of the Christmas tree! :)

Come back tomorrow because I will be posting my house decorated for Christmas for the Tour of Homes on BooMama's blog!
Julee Turner


Rich and Renee said...

So fun....what a great weekend! I love the picture of the motor home in front of your house!!! I bet it was super having everyone right there.

Cara Beth said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast! :) Can't wait to see your house pics!