Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving is always such a long weekend. We see a lot of people during those few days but we always make many new memories and have a few funny stories in there too!! First pics are of Matt's family's Thanksgiving in Arkadelphia.

Our family on Thanksgiving!

Romeo loves his Uncle Andy ( Matt's brother)

This is Shelby. Matt's aunt has 2 Great White Pyrenees. They are such sweet dogs but they are HUGE! I just thought this was a cute picture.

Ok... This is Matt's family getting ready to take the the annual Thanksgiving picture. If you will notice we are all trying to get 6 dogs to look at the camera! My parents are whistling while snapping the camera.

AND WE DID IT!!! Isn't that crazy that everyone is looking including the dogs!

My family minus Evan and Rachel who were with her family for lunch.

Matt's brother and mom with Sam the maltese. Romeo was being bad and refusing to look at this point. This is the best we could do. :)

Here is everyone in my family at dinner in Tennessee.

Opryland in Nashville, TN was all decorated for Christmas! We spent the night there on Friday night and had a blast!

Hope you all made some wonderful memories and had a great Thanksgiving!


The Bost Family said...

I am so jealous you got to go to opryland for Thanksgiving! I love when it is decorated for Christmas. I'm hoping this year we can take Lucy there when we are in Tennessee for Christmas!

Cara Beth said...

I love that ya'll take your family picture with Romeo. We did the same with Conner. It's posted on our blog, too. I esp love the one of the whole family and all 6 dogs! Amazing that they all were looking! :) Great post!

Jennifer said...

"Thanksgiving at the Pound" should be the title!