Day #3 of Ice Storm

No work for me today! The salon has no power and the street it is located on has trees and power lines down! Our power at home went out last night around midnight. So we went to bed in the dark but woke up sweating because it had come back on around 6am. We were so lucky to have had power all day yesterday so when it went out I didn't complain too much. I am very thankful for electricity today!! It snowed last night so everything is so pretty outside.

We drove around last night when Matt a got home but I forgot my camera! Trees are down everywhere!!! I will try to take more pics today of something other than my house. HA! There are no big trees around my house to take pics of. Maybe Matt will take me out driving around later and I will add more pictures then!


Jennifer said...

I really am glad you have electricity at the rental mansion because your fire place couldn't keep your house warm like ours does! It's 71 degrees in our house with our fireplace going!! I'm pretty sure I'm not going to want to look at our gas bill next month though!!:)

trentandalexlewis said...

I'm loving all the "icy" pics..I wish we would have gotten a little bit of snow down this way...
I have a cousin that lives in NWA and he said they had power also... I guess you two are the lucky ones!