Iced in


Here are a few pictures of the ice storm that we are currently in! We have thankfully had power all day. I am assuming it is because we live in a newer subdivision and our power lines are underground. I am not asking why I am just thanking the Lord! We have had a few visitors today. My cousin is here because the Pi Phi house lost power and then Matt's boss' family came over for the afternoon before finally finding a hotel in Rogers. The news is reporting this is the worst ice storm ever in NWA. The request has been put in to the Governor to declare this a national disaster! There are lots of trees down but I am not allowed to drive to take any pics so these are just from around our house! :)

Our table and chair on the back porch.

My house when it started snowing. There is at least an inch of ice on the drive way!

Romeo's first ice!

This is my cousin Alex's car. You cant see but it is totally covered in a sheet of ice!

Romeo really wants to try to use the bathroom in the front yard because the backyard is totally frozen!
See below!

The ice is here and no one is going anywhere. Except Matt. The news doesn't ever get cancelled! ha! I woke up and looked outside and saw trees with ice on them and a lot of water! It has been raining all day so when the temp drops tonight it should not be a pretty sight! We have power but a lot of homes have lost it. Our salon also lost power. I called my afternoon clients to tell them the salon was closed and they all acted as though they were still planning to come! I couldn't believe people would risk their lives to get their hair done!

I am charging my computer and my cell phone right now and praying we keep our power! I plan to take some pictures of the ice and I will add those later! Please pray for the thousands without power and anyone that decides to brave the icy roads! I will update later as long as we have power!!!


Kara and the Oosterhous Boys said...

You guys be safe! No power is No FUN! At least the temps should be better on Thurs. Be thinking of you. Hugs, KMO

Kara and the Oosterhous Boys said...


I guess I'm a blogger idiot (word I don't let my kids say)... how did you get the icon for Harper on your webpage.....???? Thanks, KMO

The Bost Family said...

Thanks for the invitation.We have had power all day. I'm hoping we will have it through the night.I have 100 blankets and Lucy's snow suit laid out just in case we need to use them tonight. We are praying that we won't. I'm glad you guys didn't lose power! Stay warm!