Romeo lately...

Romeo loves going outside! Everywhere we go he finds the door to make sure we know where to let him out!

Romeo loves his dog friends and smiles when they are here!

Tucker came to play!!

Are they not so cute?!

This is Tucker and Romeo playing. They do this for hours!

Romeo's other favorite things are "Boney Bones" as we call them!

This is Romeo frustrated so he sticks his face in the couch! Probably mad that we wouldn't chase him!

Romeo and momma

I thought this was so cute! I walked in my parent's guest room and my dad and the dogs were squirrel watching!

I haven't blogged about Romeo lately so I decided to let him be the subject for today! I started looking around for other Shiba blogs and found so many. I have had so much fun looking at other Shibas tonight! I added some to my page if any of you would like to see what is happening in the lives of other Shiba Inu's! If not, Romeo is always up to something so he will be on my blog a lot!

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Cara Beth said...

So cute! I might have to blog about Conner. He's taking a trip to Louisiana this weekend so I ought to get some good pics!