Fun photo survey!

My friend Melissa had this on her blog today and I thought I would do it as well. Here are the rules...

1. Go to Google
2. Do an image search for your answers to each of these questions.
3. Pick a picture off the first page of images that best answers the question.

These are what I came up with...

1. Q- What are you doing right now?
     A- I am doing what I do every night... BLOGGING! I am so glad I decided to start a blog!

2. Q- Your age?
      A- This last birthday was hard one. I turned 25!

3. Q- What is your first name?
      A- Julee  ( My mom used to say, "It is J-U-L- double E ) Its so uncommon to see it spelled this way and it shocked me to see this girl on Deal or No deal with MY spelling!

4. Q- What is your middle name?
     A- Its is Anne, not very original but I do like this actress with this name!

5. Q- What is your last name?
     A- Turner...    When I googled 'Turner' and the only thing that came up were a bunch of paintings! JMW Turner is a famous painter that I have never even heard of but this is all that came up for many pages under the name Turner so I just chose one that I liked! 

6. Q- What is your maiden name?
     A- Bell... I always loved my last name. Most people never said just Julee they always said Julee Bell. I sometimes miss hearing that name. This has nothing to do with the liberty bell but its the most popular bell so thats why I chose the picture! 

7. Q- What is your favorite food?
     A- PIZZA! In college I was known to eat a whole medium on my own! Good thing I had a good metabolism! 

8. Q- Your bad habit?
     A- I have never been able to stop biting my fingernails. Now I have fake nails and sometimes I try to bite          them!
9. Q- One of your past pets?
     A- I have had many pets everything from dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and even a RACCOON! Roxee was abandoned so my mom brought her home and we bottled fed her and kept her until she was about 3! 

10. Q- What is your grandmothers name?
        A- Imogene, there were some random women and then there was this picture which is somewhat ironic       because my grandmother would have NEVER climb to the top of this 'Imogene Pass' that is 13,000 feet                 elevation!

11. Q- A past love?
       A- Cheerleading... I was a cheerleader for 6 years! I still love watching cheerleading.

12. Q- What was your first job?
       A- Babysitting. I still love all the kids I kept and still keep in touch with some of them!

13. Q- Favorite place?
       A- I LOVE ANY BEACH! 

14. Q- If you went back to school what would you be?
       A- Well I would never go back to school but if I had to choose something it would be a teacher! I love kids     and I would get the summers off! 

15. Q- If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be?
       A- Hands down, it would be BORA BORA!!!!!! I would die to get to stay in one of the huts over the water!

I know this was all nonsense but it sure helped the evening go by quicker! If anyone is bored, this is fun thing to do just to see what random pictures you find! 


Lindsey said...

I am one of those people who say your name together...Except I say it like it is all one word. JuleeBell. Now I have a hard time leaving Bell out when I say Turner. So I just say JuleeBellTurner...like it's all one big name. HA

side note...Jill is trying to get in touch with you about a shower for Rachel...let us know if you want in. E's that are bridesmaids are going to do one...we wanted you and Anna to help..but didn't want either of you to feel like you had to. We know you BOTH will be super busy being sisters. So just let us know! We are looking at setting the date for April 19.

Jennifer said...

Who knew you were a nail biter? And yes, Julee Turner was hard to learn to say, but I am glad that Bell wasn't your middle name like Jill thought it was!! Haha!!

Melissa Conaway said...

Love it Julee! Never knew you had a racoon! And a grandma by the same name as mine! Miss you! Oh & I need a new hairstyle...got any ideas for me?

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

I remember Roxee the racoon! I remember seeing her at your house in Druid Hills!