Well Arkansas once again proved it has the craziest weather! On February 25th we had temps in the 70s and then by February 29th we had SNOW! It was very pretty coming down and Romeo really loved it! He wanted us all to come play with him. I didn't play but I did get some really cute pics of him!


We have had a great weekend. Two of my very best friends from college came to visit and brought their husbands with them. They got here on Saturday and all 6 of us went to eat at Abuelo's in Rogers. It was so delicious! Then we went home and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. None of us had seen it and it wasn't horrible but there was some very unnecessary nudity! Anyway we had a great time hanging out together. I am so glad that we moved into this bigger house so we can sleep anyone who wants to visit us!

Fayetteville just got a Mellow Mushroom a few months ago and I had not eaten there yet. We decided to go there for lunch today. It was so good! I can't wait to go back! Its a pizza place and it is all decorated in 70s decor with tye-dye and mushrooms everywhere.

After that we all went to the Razorback game. The Hogs played Georgia but this was really special game because the 1994 National Championship team was honored for the first time in 15 years! It was so cool to see all these players again be able to witness Razorback history again!

Poor Nolan has aged a little bit!!

OK... Are any of you Brothers and Sisiters fans? I am so addicted to this show!!!

I started it in the middle of the 2nd season and recently just finished watching the whole first season on dvd. It shows on Sunday nights on ABC. Tonight was a 2 hour movie event. The previews led us to believe that someone was going to die tonight. I was literally a nervous wreck the whole time I was watching it! No one died and I am glad but I just don't understand why they would lead us to believe someone dies when they didn't! But lets be honest I would have a hard time watching if Rob Lowe had been killed off the show so I am glad he survived but I am still a little miffed that my blood pressure was high for 2 hours for no reason! :)


Jill said...

What a fun weekend! You ate at two of my favorite places in nwa! yum! I agree with you, the game was good, half time was awsome!! Miss you!

Amanda and Franklin said...

I LOVE Brothers and Sisters, it's the best show ever! I was a nervous wreck too and even cried!! So silly, I know!

blackwellfam said...

Julee! You make me laugh a lot with your high blood pressure over a TV show...mostly b/c I experience the same thing from time to time. Also, the pics of you, Gracen, and Stefan made me smile! I miss you all so much!

Eric and Leslie Warford said...

I thought Holly was going to shoot Tommy! Then, I was so sad that beautiful Rob Lowe (Senator McCallister) was going to die. If Kitty divorces him, I will be sad too. I love him!

I know you, Gracen, and Stephan had a ball--how fun!

Cara Beth said...

Somehow I missed this post! But I just wanted to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE "Brothers and Sisters" show! :)