Wow what a year!

One year ago today we brought this sweet baby home! He was such a calm, gentle, quite puppy. The next day his true personality came out! :) We have loved everything about Romeo. From his snuggles on the couch to his hair all over us and everything we own and from doing every trick we taught him to chewing EVERYTHING he could get his mouth on. I wouldn't trade him for anything!! He has brought such joy to our lives and I can't believe it's been a year since he came to live with us!

I really wish he was this little again!

He loved his daddy from day 1!

My sweet little boy was so little!

I loved when this shirt fit him!!

Also on Feb. 19th, I found out that my friend Jennifer was pregnant!!! Funny story about that... I had invited Jennifer and her sister Jill to come see Romeo but only Jill showed up. Jill sat down on the couch and said "My sister is pregnant!"! Because Jennifer didn't tell me herself, I might not let her live it down but I can't imagine being mad at someone that produced this precious little boy that I can hardly go a day without seeing!

Brody Francis


Jennifer said...

Sweet Romeo!! He was so little. I hardly remember him like that, but I do remember how hyper he was!!

You forgot to tell everyone how nice you were when you called to tell me congratulations. Oh wait! You never did tell me that because apparently you were upset. Do you know that I still remember exactly where we were when you called? We were taking our exit and the phone call lasted about 17 seconds. Forgive me! I would tell you first now!!:)

Julee Turner said...

Yes, I didn't want to mention how rude I was when I called you! I really was excited but I was just so shocked! I guess we are really even!

Amy said...

i just stumbled across your blog. I want a puppy so bad. My husband has a dashound who is 17 years old. I moved in on her territory 2 years ago and she hasn't like me since. Can't wait to read the rest of your blog.

The Bertram's said...

Steven is in love with Romeo!! He was dying over the picture of him in the shirt. You are such a good mom to him!
Love ya,

Emily Elaine said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments Julee! We are doing great and sure hope you guys are doing great as well. We are dog lovers, and our beagle Lucy is the cnter of our world right now, with no kids. I love checking in on sweet Romeo! He is a beautiful dog. Kyle sure thinks the world of the Turners as well. On more than one occasion after he has preached he has said "I think Gary would have thought that was good:)"