Amazing day in Cabo!

Most of our days have been filled laying by the pool here at the resort! But yesterday we were in town by 9:30 ready to swim with the dolphins! This was my 3rd time to do this kind of adventure but every time I do it, it is truly a magical experience to be in the water so close with dolphins!

We walked around town and shopped at many of the mexican markets and even got to hold a 2 month old lion! Mom and I just about died! We LOVE animals of all kinds and we didn't blink an eye over playing $25 to be able to have this experience! HA!

Lunch at the Cabo Marina!

Alex was his name! He was so sweet!!!

Absolutely precious!

Ende was our dolphin's name! She was really sweet and liked to be petted!

This is our last day in Cabo so we are off to eat breakfast and then to lay by the pool all day. I am a little sunburned from yesterday so I hope I can make it all day today! I am sad to be leaving here tomorrow but I am ready to see Matt and Romeo! Have a great weekend!


Brent and Cara Beth said...

Looks like y'all are having fun!!!

Kelly said...

Your trip looks so great!!!! I'm glad you are having such a wonderful time!

Darla said...

Yeow! I just found your blog from Katie's. I saw 40 under 40 and was curious and clicked. Then I just started reading and noticed you had been in Houston (where I live). Can I just say I had NO idea there were RV parks with pools, workout rooms, etc. like the one you were out. Fancy!

I'm so sorry your husband is sick. Houston is the best place in the world for treatment. Finest hospital and drs. anywhere. Glad you found Pappasitos and Saltgrass ... two of my faves. If you ever have to come back (hopefully not!) I can give you other suggestions.

Here is my question ... for my 40th birthday, my husband is taking me to swim with dolphins. It's a dream I've had for ... well, as long as I can remember. I saw your pic from Cabo and just wanted to know where you were, was it awesome, do you recommend it. Was the dolphin swim incredible!!! I'm dying to go!

PS I'm from Little Rock and went to church with Katie there (although she is much younger than me!).