Little boys everywhere!

My friend/co-worker Erin had her baby on Friday!! She was due July 12th and I told her not to have that baby when I was in Mexico but she didn't cooperate! :) She was surprised with a baby boy on June 26th. He was a perfect healthy 7.3lbs and 20 inches long! His name is McCoy Emerson Box. I am so excited for Erin and Burt and I can't wait to watch this sweet baby boy grow up!

He is SO little!!

I can't wait to see his eyes open!

I went to visit Brody yesterday too. I missed him so much when I was in Mexico. He didn't really want to play much with me because he was too interested in EATING! This child can eat! I think while I was there he ate strawberry yogurt melts, puffs, part of a sugar cookie and lots of yogurt and he had just nursed before I got there and he still got so mad when we made him stop eating! HAHA! He cracks me up! We will be celebrating his 9 month birthday on Friday... stay tuned for a cute 4th of July cake!

Brody doing some serious munching!

Also.... I want to wish my little brother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! He is 23 today! I am sad that I don't get to see him on his actual birthday this year and that I am missing out on a party with my family but we are going to hopefully celebrate again at the lake on Saturday! Hope you have a wonderful day EVAN CLAYTON!! I LOVE YOU very much!


Angela Cliff and Sam said...

Thanks for posting pics of McCoy!! He is cute! I want to see him. How is Erin recovering?

Jennifer said...

My kitchen counters look SO dirty from Brody eating up there.

Happy Birthday, Evan! That's a cute pic of you two!

Brent and Cara Beth said...

What a great pic of you and Evan!

Amo said...

I think McCoy looks so much like Burt. Cute!