Baby Box, Brody and Romeo!!

My co-worker Erin had another baby shower. This time it was at her house so that we could all see Baby Box's nursery! She is so talented and painted these canvases herself! Are they not SO cute!?! I just love the modern crib too!

Erin's sister did the decorating for the shower and everything was perfect! I loved the baby blocks that spelled their last name 'Box' on them!

We do not know what Erin is having so I am SO ready for Baby Box to be here in less than a month!!!

Jennifer is teaching swimming lessons this week so Aunt JuJu kept Brody on Monday afternoon. We had alot of fun playing together!

This little man loves his exersaucer!

Sweet little boy likes to be outside! I think he wanted to eat the grass instead of pose for JuJu.

He is going to be walking very soon! I can't believe how strong he is!


He decided to roll in something that smelled like a dead animal so he got a bath! Shiba are extraordinarily clean dogs and don't have an odor so they don't ever have to be bathed. But tonight was an exception! He really has only had maybe 5-10 baths in his whole life but does really well in the bath. He actually looks like he enjoyed it in this picture! :)

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Brent and Cara Beth said...

I'm loving those painted canvases too! She's seems super creative!

Love the bath pics too. Conner doesn't mind baths either. He's unusually calm during them.