Fun in the backyard!

We are having such nice weather here in NWA! I have been in the backyard all weekend and today Jennifer brought Brody over to play! He normally loves his pool so we planned to lay out while he played but we had other plans for us! I think he would have rather been taking a nap but it was still so fun and Romeo had a great time playing with Brody!

Romeo was checking out Brody and his cool pool!

Brody before his meltdown! :)

Sweet boy!

I am so proud of how sweet Romeo is to Brody!

They were having a heart-to-heart! :)

I just love this little man!

This video is so cute! They had been watching each other for a while but all of the sudden, Romeo, who rarely barks decided he really wanted Brody to play with him. Ha! Brody was already wanting out of the pool so this really upset him! :(


Jennifer said...

Poor little man! I really think the reason he was crying is because he was so tired. He loves Romeo too much to be scared of his bark.
Thanks for letting us come over. It was fun! I ended up getting a little color even though we were hardly able to sit down.

Brent and Cara Beth said...

Cute video. Romeo has a cute bark. :)

Melissa said...

You dog has a great personality. What a sweet dog.