More Houston...

We are home! We arrived in Houston Sunday the 5th and we got home on the 14th! It was a long week there and we left still not knowing what exactly is going on with Matt but the lymphoma specialist said that she couldn't find any further evidence of t-cell lymphoma! We are so thankful. What a wonderful answer to many prayers! We left Houston feeling elated that we weren't coming back and facing treatment for cancer but we are still discouraged because Matt is still sick and having the same symptoms from before. Our next plan is to see an infectious disease doctor. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this soon so Matt can start feeling better. Please continue to pray for us as we search for answers!

Driving into Houston in the motorhome!

Lakeview RV Resort- It was so nice!

The great pool/escape from the motorhome! :)

Greatest place ever! We went 2 times!! I LOVED IT!

Matt and G-dad, who drove us to Houston, at Saltgrass Steak house that we ate at 2 times. It was so delicious!

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