Davidson Campground

Every year on the last Friday in July, you will always find Matt and me along with his family at Davidson Campground in Hollywood, AR. Davidson is one of the oldest camp meetings in the nation and the largest in Arkansas. There are nearly 100 wooden cabins that the campers sleep in during the ten-day revival. Many campers enjoy the comforts of home by bringing their RVs with air-conditioners. Average attendance at the camp meeting is over 600 campers!!

While all the kids enjoy riding their bikes and water balloons to stay cool the adults relax on the front porch swings of their cabins. Youth can be found playing volleyball, ping-pong and basketball throughout the day. While rest and relaxation (NO CELL PHONE SERVICE) is a major activity of the camp meeting, spiritual revival is the focus of the encampment.

The camp ground has always been important to Matt because he hasn't missed since his first year when he was 6 months old. When I attended church there in 2000 was the first time Matt and I spent time together. I left the camp ground that year with a huge crush! I am so thankful that I went to Davidson that summer night! It's hard to explain everything about camp meeting and why those of us who attend every year, love it so much but maybe these pictures can show you why it is so special!

The open air tabernacle that is always filled with smiling faces, the sounds of beautiful hymns and the word of God !

This is our porch that we relax on night and day in front of box fans!

Cabin #17- Matt's family's cabin

View from our cabin porch of the many cabins that encircle the campground.

Cool drinks, candy, snacks and hand-dipped ice cream cones are always close by at the camp’s commissary.

A long tradition of signing the wall of the cabin.

One of my favorite signatures! :)

The long dinner table on the back porch.

The campground necessities... no oven or sink!

Cousins Cole, Jeni and me swinging on the porch swing.

And of course Romeo LOVES camp meeting! This was his 2nd year and he is so good out there! This is what he did most of the day. He loved laying on the cool concrete and watching the kids play!

He loved when the kids played with him!

He also loves to dig. I thought this picture was too funny not to post! For some reason he would dig holes then stick his whole head inside of it! :)

This year was a special year at Davidson campground because it was the 125th encampment!! I hope I can help carry on this wonderful tradition and spend many many more years with my own family at Davidson!


The Lewis Family said...

Looks like you guys had SO much fun...and Romeo is TOO cute!

Terri said...

hmmmm....that place looks familiar, although I think I've only been there at night :)

blackwellfam said...

Great writing, Ju! Made me want to go. Thanks for the acid reflux tip...it's looking like you may just be right about your diagnosis.

I love looking at your pics and reading all about your adventures. I love and miss you lots!

Cara Beth said...

What a great family tradition!