A very long Birthday post...

My 26th birthday has come and gone but I had the best time at all of my birthday celebrations!! The first one was in Fayetteville at Mellow Mushroom on my actual birthday. Many of my friends and family were there to help me celebrate!!

Jennifer and I love to celebrate birthdays because of the CAKE! :)

Rachel and Evan Bell (my brother) and Blake and Leslie Duffied

Jen and Josh, Brandon and Jill, my mom and Janis Jones showed up right after the picture was taken !

Matt got to come and eat with us between the newscast!

Brody loves parties!

I was so happy that Brandon and Jill could be there to help me celebrate!

LOVED my cake from Ricks!

One of my very favorite of the many Ricks cakes I have had in the 2.5 yrs I have lived here!

Ju Ju is what Brody calls me or actually I should say will call me! HA! :)

I love all these girls!!

So thankful these pretty girls are in my life!

I was so excited that my brother, sister-in-law and mom all surprised me on my birthday!

We went home and opened presents and these little boys tried to help me! :)

I LOVED these note pads with Romeo's picture on them designed by Leslie!

Leslie and our shiba boys!

My mother in law sent this candy bouquet to me at work! So cute!
And my parents sent flowers too but I some how didn't get a picture of them!

Then on Thursday, my co-workers had a birthday party! It was so sweet of them! And I got another cute cake from Ricks! :)

I love working with these girls!! Barry, Julie and Erin even came and brought her new baby!

5 Week old McCoy Emerson Box

On Saturday, we went to Arkadelphia and my family had another party for me! My mom decorated the house and we had a fiesta! The fajitas were SOOO good!!

She even had a pinata and filled it with candy! :)

Mom also made a delicious homemade White Chocolate cake with white chocolate icing!! It was terrific!

Everything looked so perfect and my parents, Evan, Rachel, Matt and I had a wonderful dinner together!

I got so MANY wonderful things for my birthday!!! My parents got me this DYSON!! I am in love with him! :)

Thanks to everyone who left comments and birthday wishes! And thank you to all of my wonderful friends for making my birthday so special!!


Jennifer said...

Cute pics! Glad you had a great birthday. We had fun helping you celebrate!

The Bertram's said...

such a great birthday, yeah!!! I love mellow mushroom!! And you will love love love that dyson - we have the same one and I am sad to say this, but I am addicted to vacuuming - it makes it a fun experience!
Love ya,

The Bowden's said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Julee! Loves to your family from the Bowden's. :)

Allyson Petty said...

Happy late birthday! You know you're getting old when you get a vacuum cleaner for your birthday!!!

Katie Spinks said...

looks like you had a fabulous birthday so glad to hear it and see the pictures!!

The Lewis Family said...

Looks like you had a great birthday, Julee!
Molly's ears have stood up like that since day 1.
Thank you for the sweet comment on the pictures Pam and I took. I tell you what, taking pics of a 10 week old puppy is HARD WORK! ha!

The_Richards said...

Great Birthday PICS. My birthday was on August 5th and I am still celebrating as well. Happy belated birthday.