A night with Sallie girl!

Tonight I went to play with my sweet friend Renee's little girl Sallie. I volunteered to keep her while her mommy went to a meeting. Sallie turned one in August so she is all over the place. We seriously had so much fun with each other!! Here are some of the things we did tonight...

...ate dinner and shared with her baby!! :)

...posed for many pictures!

...climbed the stairs a couple of times!

...and always made sure JuJu was close behind!

...she got a bath and put on her pjs.

...played peek-a-boo.

...played with toys on the couch!

...we made funny faces at each other.

...we trimmed Sallie's hair!!

...she didn't sit still for long but we successfully trimmed her sweet baby hair! :)

I had so much fun with sweet Sallie girl! I can't wait to go play again soon. Sallie smiles more than any other child I know. She is seriously so precious and so is her mommy! I am so glad I live close to the Morris Family!! :)


Brandi said...

What a little cutie! Looks like you guys had fun. So sweet!

Cara Beth said...

So... Julee. I see you with all of the children and I think to myself... "Julee would make a good mom..." When are you going to have one of your own? :)

Amo said...

How sweet is she??!!!! I bet you are an amazing babysitter!

Jennifer said...

Brody is jealous you got to spend time with Sallie Grace and he is jealous that she got time with JuJu! Next time he and I will have to come over to visit y'all!

P said...

You are the best baby-sitter ever!!


Marissa said...

Great smile!!

Rich and Renee said...

Sallie had the BEST time with JuJu! But Jennifer you are right, we gotta get them both together.......wonder if JuJu would be up for that?? :-) Thank you so much for spending your evening with her Julie....I mean what more could I ask for, Sallie had so much fun, she got a new "hairdo", tons of adorable pictures, and I got to spend time with such a special friend! Love ya!