Saturday night, Brody's parents had to go to a wedding shower so Matt and I kept Brody man. He is the BEST baby to keep. He never cries, very easy going and is super sweet! We had so much fun playing with him and I think Romeo enjoyed him being here too!

Here is Brody sharing his food with Romeo! Maybe thats why Romeo followed B around all night. :)

And Romeo waited patiently for us to be done!

This one cracked me up! Romeo was so sweet to him!

Brody always wanted to go outside when Romeo went out.

Romeo showed off for Brody and ran around crazy in the backyard!

Brody cracked up when they chased Romeo!!

Matt wanted to make sure Brody could see the Hogs playing on tv!

And before he went home, we all went on a walk! Romeo liked having company last night! Come back anytime Brody Francis!! :)


Amo said...

I love his faux hawk hair! Matt looks like he's gonna be a great father someday...

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

Awww...Kohen has that same little crab outfit but it doesn't fit him anymore :(

Jennifer said...

Those pictures are SOOOOO precious! We just love y'all and can't thank you enough for taking care of our baby! Romeo is a very sweet dog for letting Brody lay on top of him like that! Haha! That is my new favorite picture of the two of them!

Cara Beth said...

so cute! I want a Brody to take care of. :)

Ashley said...

What a cutie pie!!! I just love it! ;) The pics are precious!

Little man!!!

Whitney said...

Brody is so handsome....and I love all the pictures of you guys reading to him, playing with him, and most importantly....WATCHING THE HOGS!!! Hope things are going well with you! I will try and find some pictures of your brother's wedding to look at! I was in a wedding there a year ago last August, but I am always looking for other decorating options!!!