Quick game recap

Well... the Hogs couldn't pull off a win against the Georgia Bulldogs! :( It was a very close game and it was fun to watch but it got very nerve wracking towards the end. I even broke a nail from all the nail biting I was doing!

We sat with one of my beautiful pledge sisters and I was so glad to be able to catch up with her for so long! Speaking of long, it really was one of the longest football games I have ever been to. It started at 6:45pm and it wasn't over until close to 11! Then we sat in traffic for AN HOUR and we don't even live far from the stadium! Ugh! That part wasn't fun. I mean the cars just never moved! I think it was because everyone stayed until the end of the game that there was extra traffic. Hope they get that fixed before the next game or I may just walk home!

We sat at the very top of the stadium and I really mean that there was NO one behind us! HA! It was really roomy up there and we could see EVERYTHING! I wish I had taken my camera. These pics are just from my iphone. If you will notice in one of the pics you can see I-540 from where we were seated! :)

I had a blast at the game last night but I am actually looking forward to watching next week's game against Alabama from my couch! :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I hope you enjoyed your cotten candy :)

Kelly said...

You looked SUPER cute!!! Even in the rain/mist! That was a crazy game. I was glad and sad all at the same time not to be there!

Ashley said...

AW.... we need to meet up one game! We didn't make it to church today.. I have had a sick one! ;(

Lunch plans next week? Im so busy this week but maybe we can next week? And even get Kelly and a few others?!?!

The Stokley Family said...

Glad you had fun we went to the Alabama game and had a lot of fun to! Sorry yall lost but I'm hoping yall don't win this weekend! Roll Tide! : )

Lyr said...

So glad that you had a great evening and got to catch up with a great friend. I love being at games with friends I can “girl chat” with!