Blog friends and headbands

Some of us blog friends met for lunch today! It was so fun to meet Melissa and Ashley and to see Kelly, Kate and Jennifer! We ate some good food at Marketplace and loved watching Brody and Harper together!

I just love Miss Harper! She looked so cute today and was so sweet the whole time!

I just love this pic of Jennifer and Brody! Its is so cute and Brody looks like such a big boy!

My new favorite thing is headbands. I am sort of obsessed. I think its because I am bored with my long hair but don't really want to cut it so this changes it up a little! Last summer, I got a few from Forever 21 that had bows on them. Since then I have gotten a few more and tonight I added 2 more to my collection!

This one came from Target and was $9.99!

This one came from Mason's. They had a deal going that if you buy one head piece you get 1 free!

So I got these cute earmuffs for free! I thought they would be great to wear to a cold Hog game!


Ashley said...

I enjoyed lunch so much! Brody is my new man!!! =) I HEART HIM!!! And I love headbands too, so into them!!!

Can't wait to see you again SOON!!!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

I LOOVE the champagne colored headband! So classy!! The earmuff one is so cute too - haven't seen those!! cute cute!!

Katie said...

Julee ~ Your hair would look great in those headbands. Too cute. ; )

Amo said...

Very cute! And that is awesome that you get to meet with your blogging friends! All the friends I have made blogging live in different states.

Kelly said...

I loved seeing you at lunch!
You really do have the BEST hair! I love those head bands. I want to get a few now! I think they are so fun! Maybe I'll just wear some of Harpers! WE can start sharing clothes and accessories early! ha!