On this beautiful fall day...

We had no plans! It was so nice not to have anything to do today! We first watched the Hogs lose to Ole Miss. Boo! And then decided to go out to a nearby lake and look at the pretty fall leaves.

The leaves in NWA are seriously so pretty this time of the year! These pics don't even do them justice!

Matt and Romeo walked down to the lake to check it all out.

Romeo wanted to get in the lake! I guess he doesn't realize its not summer anymore!

My little man that wouldn't look at the camera because he was so curious to everything around him!

This sign was at the entrance. Obviously we didn't obey! HA!

Hope everyone else had a great Saturday!


Anonymous said...

I love the picture with the no dogs allowed, so funny!

Karen said...

I just love days with no plans, they always turn into the best days!!


Stephanie Wood Smith said...

Julee, I had a dream about you last night! In my dream we were so excited because you finally got to meet Kohen! We we were at some football game and Matt was warming up to be quarterback! Random!!!

Ashley said...

Just beautiful!!! Like you friend! ;)