Brody's FIRST Birthday

October 3rd was Brody's FIRST birthday!! His momma did such a good job planning the most perfect party! I am so honored to have been apart of this little man's first year and I am so excited to watch him grow and learn many more things in the years to come!! I took over 200 pics at the party so here are my favorites! :)

Getting ready to party!!


Brody's own "smash" cake!

Cute monkey cake!!

The food table and the banner had a picture of Brody with each monthly cake!

The little ones had a jumpy thing to play in!

I was so proud of Brody because he was the smallest in there and never cried when the other kids sat or fell on him!

Giving Aunt Jilly some love!

Getting ready to dive in!

Wow! He definitely knew what to do with cake!

Oh yes! He ate nearly the whole thing! And had to be bathed right after!

Look at all those presents!

I love this pic because he looks like he is so excited about the new Polo outfit! HA! (just yawning though)

His favorite toy was this laptop bc he loves playing with his Big Daddy's lap top!

Sweet birthday boy with his JuJu!

It was such a fun day celebrating with my best friends and sweet Brody!


The Bost Family said...

What a cute party! I secretly blog stalk your friend Jennifer. I was waiting for birthday pictures! It looks like it was a successful party!

Thanks for your words about my post. Ha, I'm still laughing about it!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Such a cute setup! Loved all the little decorations!! Cute cute!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh! What a cutie... the decor is beautiful!! looks like he got some GREAT gifts!

Too cute!!! Love his hair, hehe!!!

Cara Beth said...

Cute pic! I can't believe he ate that whole cake! Was he sick after eating all that? Glad y'all had fun!

Karen said...

What a cute party, happy birthday Brody!!!!