Wishful Wednesday

I am wishing on this wonderful Wednesday that there were no such thing as allergies!

I am so SICK of feeling sick!! I never had allergies until I moved to NWA. They say its because of all the chicken houses around here but I really wish I, and everyone around me didn't have to deal with them. I have started to take claritin over the counter but I would like to know what do you take for allergies?? Any remedies or meds that work, I am willing to try. I don't want to go to the doctor for allergies but gosh they make me feel horrible!


Ashley said...

Bless your heart.. allergies are the worst thing ever! I have them really bad too! It must be an NWA thing! They make me feel miserable! ;(

I take allegra mostly when I have allergies, but suddafed (sp) works wonders too! Or at least helped when I was preggers!

Im waiting to hear from Kelly too about lunch and will let you know! I can do anyday!

Lauren said...

Allergy shots have helped me tremendously, but they are a long-term solution. The rest of the treatment involves a steroid nose spray and zyrtec-d (which I LOVE). Allergies are not a silly reason to see a Dr. They can help you take only the meds you need, etc. You are keeping windows and screen doors shut at your house, right? Good luck.

Heather said...

Julee the same thing happened to me. I Never had problems until I moved to NWA. I thought it was just me...but after reading this...I know I wasn't alone.

I did go see my doctor and got the allergy test...costs a bit, and wasn't worth it for me...I was only allergic to one thing...

To make a long story short, they gave me this nasal spray (Astelin, I've also used Nazacort). You can just ask your doctor to prescribe that for you first, before you go overboard with tests.

I use Astelin once in the morning and once at night. {You spray it in your nose and then put your head between your knees.} They can show you the 'proper' way to use it...That was the only thing that really 'helped' me with allergies up there.
So strange...because now that I'm back in LR they're not as bad.
Sorry you're dealing with that.

Jill said...

I use Allegra and just got Blaise a prescription, too. It is a wonder drug for us! She was so hoarse and just had all that gunk between her nose and throat and after two doses is almost clear.

It's expensive!

Katie said...

Julee ~ I feel your pain, girl. My allergies have been horrible these last few weeks. I am taking clariton, too.

Thinking of you so much!

The Bobo's said...

Well, I maybe a little biased but the best thing out there is Xyzal. I, of course sell it, but I sold Zyretc for 7 years and this stuff is even better than that!! Don't bother with Claritin it doesn't work, I could bore you with lots of studies I have read on it!!! Only problem is for Xyzal you have to see a doctor to get it, but if not it then Zyrtec hands down over Claritin.

Superchikk said...

Zyrtec works better for me than Claritin, but it'll do in a pinch. There are all kinds of vitamin/mineral remedies you can get at Ozark Natural Foods that help. It's something that takes several days to start working, but that stuff helped me a lot.