OBU Homecoming 2009

This weekend was Ouachita Baptist University's Homecoming! I graduated from OBU in 2005. I loved my OBU experience and I always love going back and seeing lots of people I knew while I was there!

One of my very best friends/pledge sister, Stefan came and spent the weekend with me! I love and miss her so much!
There was a LIVE Tiger at the Tigerfest on Saturday morning! So cool!

Our group going to Saturday night Tiger Tunes show!

I got to see my name on the sidewalk at OBU for the first time!

For those of you that don't know anything about Tiger Tunes... Basically all the social clubs put together a 6 minute show including a theme, costumes, singing, and dancing! There are 4 shows and each show normally sales out a 1500 person theatre! All the ticket money goes to scholarships for current students. It's seriously SO fun! Here are each group from this years shows...
4th Floor boys- Campus Safety
EEE- Airline Passengers (A little girl is riding on a plane, dreams they make an emergency landing on an island where natives come out and then she wakes up! It was super cute!!)

EEE's WON 2nd place!!

Chi Delta- Women in the Wild
Campus Ministries- Church goers -1st place
Rho Sigma- Munks
Tiger Blast- Gansters Paradise
Kappa Chi- Knights- 3rd place
Tri Chi- Soccer Moms
Host and Hostess
Beta Beta- Jockeys

EEE Circle after Tunes on Saturday night! Everyone meets there including Alums and sings our song!

While at OBU I got to tour the new dorms! WOW! I lived in a dump in college and they get to live in these!! So lucky!

Each room is a suite. It has a living room, kitchenette, 2 full bathrooms and 4 single bedrooms!

One of the many lobbies! It was seriously so pretty!

They have a few of these sun decks, as well as a fitness room and a movie theatre!!


Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

OMG - those dorms look fantabulous!!! So nice!! And you look so cute too!

Jennifer said...

Those dorms are sooo nice! All our tution money finally going to good use! :)

mellybean said...

Ugh - I'm so sick we couldn't go!!! I love looking at your pictures!

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

I never knew your real name was Julia????!!!

Kelly said...

Love seeing all of those pictures! You looked SO pretty!
Those dorms are just unbelievable.