Double Birthday Party

This weekend we also had a double Birthday party for Rachel and my dad! I, of course, brought cakes from Ricks! :)

The birthday party setup!

Rachel and Jack checking out the Westie cake!

Dad and his duck hunting cake! I forgot to take pics of his presents! oops!

Mom gave Rachel this cute apron, earrings, a cute door mat and new Hobo wallet!

And I got her a cute purse and this Westie ornament!

Hope Rachel and Dad had a great time at their party!! We love any occasion to eat cake!


Kelly said...

Fun cakes - your SIL is so cute!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Those cakes are so cute!! Ricks is the best!!!!! I miss it!!

Ashley said...

LOVE the cake! And the apron! RICKS is the BEST!!!!