Winston weekend!

Romeo had a friend over a few weekends ago and I just wanted to share a few cute pics! Sorry for anyone that is sick of seeing dogs on my blog. HA! Until I have a child, its all I have to take pics of! :)

Here is Winston man that spent the weekend with us while his mom and dad were in Dallas!

I thought these Halloween dog treats were SO cute from Winston and his momma!

These sweet boys play so well together! I love this pic!

Such a stud! :)

They had to wear their Hog jerseys during the game!

woo pig sooie!

We love dog sitting!! Romeo loves having his friends come over and then crashes when they leave...Which is great for his mom and dad!


Kelly said...

I LOVE the dog pictures - keep them coming!!!!! I figure people get sick of my baby pictures a lot too! ha! And my blog was full of Dawson pictures before Harper. Poor thing - I need to talk about him more.
Romeo is so cute!!!! And I loved the dog cookies!

Cara Beth said...

You KNOW I love the dog pics! The way I see it is people who have kids post TONS of pictures of their children... well, our dogs are our children for now. So keep on posting! I love em.

I love the jerseys too. Conner has an LSU jersey and Buie says Scooter needs an Arkansas jersey now. And we need to get a House Divided LSU/ARK flag. :)

Juls said...

I love the dog pics-I too take way to many of my dog, but until we have kids-she is my baby!!

blackwellfam said...

Enjoy the heck out of Romeo now! I feel so guilty about the amount of attention Belle gets now. Post all the pictures you want of that studly pup and his pals!

Heather Allen said...

The dog pictures are precious! Found you through Kelly's blog. My best friend has a Shiba and I just LOVE them. Romeo looks very handsome!

Membership Required said...

How cute are they. Looks like they had a fun weekend together. Love the doggy cookies!