Wonderful weekend with friends!

Last Thursday, two of my best friends from OBU came to visit me! Emily has a 6 month old, Cole who was the center of attention the whole weekend. I am so blessed with wonderful friends and I cherished the great quality time I had with them this weekend! We took TONS of pics so here are select few...

Stefan hanging out with Cole before bed!

I loved this baby snuggie thing that Cole slept in every night! So cute!

Cole trying out some green beans! I think I would have to agree with him that they are not good! ha!

Poor little man wore himself out on the excersaucer! :)

We did alot of this! Romeo seemed to enjoy having a baby in the house.

Speaking of Romeo... He had 2 visitors for the weekend too. Both of my friends brought their dogs! We had a wild house! Harley the black lab and Romeo had a great time running around the back yard.

And poor Duke the puggle got picked on the whole weekend!

Friday night we went by the tv station to see Matt do the news!

Cole man got to be on tv!!

Cole and the anchors

Saturday we took Cole to a pumpkin patch! We got so many cute pics it was hard to choose just a few to put on here.

"Seriously girls... what the heck am I doing here?"

I love this little man so much!!

We hung out with the Francis' for Halloween! Brody and Cole were so freaking cute in their costumes!

I think at this point Cole had had enough. I love how Brody looks like he trying to help him!
Love this cute family! Thanks for letting us hang out with you for Halloween!!

Seriously such a cutie! He loved crawling to the door to greet the trick-or-treaters!

I had a such a great time spending time with my friends. Thanks for enduring all the photos we took this weekend! ha! Cole started feeling sick on Friday and was really congested. We thought it was just allergies but before they left, we all had it! I have been so sick since Monday. I hate not being able to breathe!! I am hoping that I am on the down hill of this cold!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend!


Katie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Cole is a cutie! Hope you are having a great week!

Jennifer said...

CUTE pictures!
We had a so much fun with y'all Saturday night!

Christy said...

HEY Julee... I am a 'lurker' and my name is Christy. I got here thru Kellys Korner and boy am I ever glad that I did. I saw your headband post and I am blown away at your idea. I am making one ASAP! THANK YOU SO much for sharing. I also wanted to see if you know Robin Harper? She lives in Bentonville. She is my cousin. I thought you might know her. She knows Kelly so I thought you might know her. Also, do you remember where you got the grey headband on your black/white display?!? I am loving grey right now and I love it!

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

I loved seeing pics of Matt at the station! We don't get to see him on TV down here, so the pictures were neat to see :) What a cool job! Yay Matt!

Heather Allen said...

What cute babies! You must have had a blast. Romeo must have been worn out when they left!

Alison said...

Cute pics! It looks like you guys had a great weekend!

Cara Beth said...

I love all of the pics, Julee! And I love that Cole was on TV. Wish I could have seen that!

Amo said...

Those are precious pictures! I'm glad you had such a great weekend and I hope you start feeling better!

The Lewis Family said...

Hey Julee! Looks like you guys had a fun weekend! And btw, I have the exact red and white striped sweater you're wearing in some of the pictures...lol.

Ashley said...

Julee!! My girl!! Those pics are precious! Love the Halloween one's but I especially love the news ones, so cute!!!

HUGS to to you guys!!!

Liz said...

Hey I'm Liz..I know I have never left a comment but thats because I just began my own blog today!..but anyhow, I read your blog all the time...and I love it! Feel free to check out mine...not much yet b/c I just started but I would love to have some readers!! :) P.S...super cute pictures!

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

Cole is so darn adorable! I have baby fever big time but there isn't much I can do about it ATM. :( And I think I am in love with your Romeo! He is so handsome. I have such a soft spot for doggies. I hope that you are feeling better today and that your cold is going away fast!

Emily Muckleroy said...

Hi friend! Aren't you proud? I hope you are feeling better. Since we got home, mine pretty much went away, just a little cough. I love all of the pictures you picked! What a blast we had.