Christmas part 1- My side

There will be 2 Christmas posts so I can show how we celebrated with each family!

We love that our families are in the same town. It's nice to go home and see both at the same time. The only problem is trying to figure out how to schedule everything without changing traditions on either side.

My brother, Evan, and his wife Rachel came down and spent the whole day with us on Christmas Eve. My grandpa was also there. He has NEVER missed a Christmas morning with us! I cherish every memory I have of my Nanny and a lot of those are of Christmas with her at my house! We miss her every day but I am so thankful that my grandpa kept the tradition and has been there now for 27 years! (Wow! I am getting old). We cooked most of the day and just sat around enjoying each other's company at my parent's beautifully decorated house!

Parents dining room and Christmas tree.

Doggie stockings! The humans don't get them anymore... just the dogs! :)

My sweet husband and little Romeo-man on Christmas Eve.

Evan and Papaw played Christmas music for us! Evan plays guitar and Papaw plays the fiddle and also makes all of my brothers guitars by hand!! Isn't that amazing?!

Gals and Dogs.

Dinner was great! We had ham, turkey, chicken dressing, green bean bundles, asparagus casserole, scalloped potatoes, cream corm, rolls and finished with red velvet cake and pecan pie! Delicious!

Dogs basically entertained us all day! :)

Jack "smelling" for his presents!!

After dinner we opened some of the presents with Evan and Rach.

This was one of my favorite gifts!! Sweatshirts that said "Shiba Inu mom" and "Westie mom"! They were perfect!

Date night at Outback soon! :)

Romeo checking out what he got from Santa Bell!

We woke up early and had our traditional Christmas morning breakfast made by my dad, opened presents and headed over to Matt's moms. ( More on that in the next post)

Romeo and I are ready to open more gifts!!

He cracks me up! He LOVED all of his new toys and treats!

Always such a good helper...

Saying bye to Papaw and Mary Jo before they left on Christmas morning!

Saturday night, my family went to Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs to see their light exhibit. It was really cold but the lights were beautiful. After that, we enjoyed a great dinner at Outback! It was a great way to finish out the holiday weekend!
Evan and Rachel brought Jack and I think he loved the lights too!

NBC in Little Rock had this set-up at Garvan gardens so we of course had to take pics by it! :)


The Williams said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! We were actually there on Saturday night with my parents and Kara and the boys. Did you hear two crazy girls yelling, "Nate, Zac, Matthew...stop running!" They were a little crazy that night! Wish we had seen you there!

nancy said...

I can't believe that your Papaw makes Evan's guitars by hand!! That's amazing! Wow, what a talent! Also, never heard of asparagus casserole...I'm intrigued. :)

Heather Allen said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Many blessings in the new year!

Nancy said...

Those dogs are people! I love it!!
Looks like you had a great Christmas with both sides of your families...Happy New Year! I'm glad I found your blog!!

Leslie Duffield said...

I'm so glad yall had a wonderful Christmas! Looks like fun :) I love all the pics!! Yall's sweatshirts are perfect...haha