Christmas part 2- Matt's side

After Christmas last year, Matt's mom moved out of the house their family grew up in and moved into another house with her sister. This year was a little different but their house felt very cozy with all their Christmas decorations. We were all together and that is all that matters!

Everyone has a stocking... even 2 dogs and a cat!

One of their 2 trees with many presents ready to be opened! She got her cute wrapping paper at the Canton, TX flea market! I loved the zebra print and polka dots!

After breakfast at my parents, we rushed over to open presents with Lisa, Andy, Matt's aunt Kathy and her son Brandon.

Kind of blurry but the only pic I have of us on Christmas morning!

Andy got a vintage record player and many records.

Christmas lunch is always spent at Lisa's parents house. Gram and the 4 daughters always prepare tons of delicious food for the whole family!

Matt and his cousin Jeni. They are 5 months apart and have always been close!

Matt and Cole sporting their new North face jackets! I am pretty sure the Hibbet Sports store is still in business because everyone in the whole family got something North face for Christmas this year!!

Matt with his brother, grandfather and great-grandfather! Priceless photo.

So thankful to be able to spend Christmas with my hubby!

Andy's girlfriend, Chelsey came by to say hi to everyone after lunch!!

This was our 10th Christmas together! Crazy!

Christmas night, my parents and some of Matt's family got together at Lisa's for some appetizers and desserts. Like we hadn't eaten enough already that day!! :)

The beautiful dining room and their 2nd tree!

Sam sporting his SNUGGIE we got him for Christmas!

We feel so blessed to be with all of our relatives during the Christmas holiday, but we can't help but miss the ones who aren't there. This was our 5th Christmas without Matt's dad and though each Christmas may get easier, he is never far from our thoughts. Especially during this time of year!

Be sure to see the post below for part 1....


Amo said...

Everything looked so cozy and homey! I'm glad you had a great time. And I love that blue dress! Looks great on you.

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

Wow, it doesn't seem like Mr. Turner passed away that long ago... I can't believe it's been 5 Christmas'. I love the photo of Matt, Andy and their grandfathers :)