Show us your life- Christmas Tree

So I have nothing to blog about lately! I feel so boring. I was going to wait to show my Christmas decorations until the Holiday tour but I decided to participate in KellysKorner's show us your life- Christmas Tree!

This year, I have 2 trees and they basically look identical to last years! HA! Maybe next year I will change it up...we will see! :)

First is the dining room tree. This was our first tree that we had our first Christmas in our apartment! It has cute red, green and gold ornaments. And it also includes some of the more personalized ornaments that we have collected through the years!

Here is the big tree! I just love red, white and silver together!

I love pictures of trees with no flash because it looks more like what I see every night!! So pretty!

While at home for Thanksgiving, I found all the snowflake ornaments we had at our winter wedding so I brought them back with me! This snowflake was also on top of our wedding cake so it will always be special!

I will be sharing the rest on the Holiday home tour on December 14th! Come back and see the rest of my decor!

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

Last night, Matt and I attended his KNWA work Christmas party! Its so fun to see everyone he works with and have a fun dinner with lots of prizes! Every year Matt wants to win one of the tvs they give away. Of course we never do but we did win 2 movie passes and $25 gc to Olive Garden. I was excited! Date night coming very soon! :) I am such a bad a bad blogger and didn't even take my camera much less didn't take a pic with my phones.

My 87 year old grandpa wanted to come visit us so he is driving from Tennessee tomorrow! I am so excited he is coming along with his wife and my parents! I have no idea what I am going to do to entertain them this weekend but I am sure we will eat a lot and hopefully have a great time together! I will take pics and then I will finally have something to blog about!

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!!


Kelly said...

You are so funny - you are NOT boring!!!! I feel that way a lot of weeks - what can I write about??? ha!
Your trees are beautiful! You have the best taste!
Have fun with your family this weekend!

nancy said...

The picture of the gold tree without the flash is so pretty! Your trees look great!

Brittany said...

Stopping by from Kelly's Korner. Have to say that I LOVE that peppermint looking tree skirt. Do you mind sharing where you got it?

Summer said...

I love your trees! They are sooo pretty! That candy peppermint skirt is to cute! Oh and I like your new blog design!
Summer :0)

Crystal said...

I love your trees and that picture of Romeo in the snow is too cute!

Kristi said...

Beautiful. I adore your peppermint tree skirt and the story behind your snowflake. Christmas blessings to you!

Amo said...

I love your new blog look! So warm and welcoming! And your trees are beautiful. I knew they would be.

Jenna said...

The trees look great!!

Elenie said...

Oh my goodness what a cute tree! Love your decor and your blog!