These dogs don't know they're dogs!

That is what my Papaw kept saying this weekend! To say that Kota and Romeo are spoiled would be a understatement! I seriously didn't know I could love animals as much as I love these too sweet boys. And since I love them so much, they seem to be the only thing I take pictures of! ha!

This is Romeo waiting for them to get here!

"Are you sure they are coming mom?"

So happy that Peepaw is here and his uncle Kota!!

Mary Jo and Papaw thankfully love dogs too! She wanted one of them to lay beside her and Kota decided he would be the one to give in and let her pet him to sleep! HA! :) I think they may get a Corgi when they get home for Florida in April! I can't wait to help him pick out a puppy!

These sweet dogs were ready to go to bed with me after their long day!

Seriously all they do is sleep!!

Mom got Romeo this Santa shirt! It was so funny on him!! I loved it!!

Not so sure he loved it though!

Could he be any cuter??!!

We had a great weekend with my grandpa and parents here! They got to enjoy my Christmas decorations and we ate really good food all weekend! Mom brought a seperate car up here so that she could stay longer. She and I are going Christmas shopping today and I am hoping to get a lot of mine done!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and a great rest of their Sunday! :)


Bri said...

I just love reading your blog and seeing the pics of your dog. We have a corgi/shiba inu mix. She has many of the same mannerisms we see in the pictures you've shared of your little one. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Jen said...

I just found your blog, it's so cute :)
Romeo is adorable, especially in his santa shirt!

Brandi said...

Cutest dog ever!! Love the Santa outfit...adorable! Have fun shopping!

Crystal said...

I am so glad to see I'm not the only one that treats my dog a like a human! Your baby is too cute in is Santa shirt!

The Lewis Family said...

Romeo looks precious in his Santa suit... I bought Molly a "Mrs. Claus" suit today! I am going to post some pics on my blog tonight!

Anonymous said...

Love the Santa outfit! Too cute!

Nancy said...

Both of those dogs are precious!!
And your tree looks great!

Cara Beth said...

Love the Santa outfit. Conner has one too. I think I'm going to have to get Scooter one this year! :)

Katie said...

That santa shirt is hilarious, Jullee. I was just thinking about you this afternoon. ; ) Miss you, girl.

Kim Tatman said...

Romeo and Kota are so cute!!