March snow!

The biggest snow of the year and it happened on March 20th!! Crazy! I honestly didn't believe the weathermen because they weren't sure if it was going to be rain or snow until the last minute. I guess I should have listened... I didn't even buy groceries! Ha! I have missed a few of the bigger snow storms but I think this one makes up for all that I missed!

You are reading that correctly! 13 inches in my back yard!!

This little boy is in HEAVEN! I have never seen a dog love snow so much!

We have to bribe him with treats to get him to come in! Watch the video below to see him jumping around in the snow!

We decided to head out in the 4-wheel drive tahoe to explore and to eat at IHOP! :)

Beautiful Fayetteville square covered in snow!

Razorback stadium

Glad we aren't watching a Hog game in this snow! :)

So glad that Matt's mom and brother are here to see all this snow!

Headed up to Mt. Sequoyah...

To see the city of Fayetteville covered in snow! Welcome Spring 2010! :)

Here is a video of Romeo in action!! Please ignore the seriously annoying high pitch voices I make just for him!! He loves when I squeal but normally I don't share myself acting so crazy! ha! Feel free to mute this and just watch him having the time of his life in 13 inches of snow!! :)

Romeo in the snow from Julee Turner on Vimeo.


Anita Bell said...

Wow, lol He is hopping like a reindeer! That is soooo cute!

Kelly said...

I'm glad ya'll got to see the snow finally!! This was a big one. Ya'll are BRAVE driving up to Mt Sequoyah in this weather but I'm sure it was worth the view!

kim_brough said...

I can't recall if it was last year or 2008, but we had a big snow in KY in the middle of March, too!

BTW, did your trip to the Mayo clinic get you any answers about your hubs?

Ashley said...

Isn't this crazy? Kind of depressing welcoming Spring with this weather! but it was nice to stay in & chill all weekend!

BIG HUGS!!! ;)

Frank and Natalie said...

WOW! I have to say I am one of the meteorologist that had no idea if it was going to be rain or snow on Friday morning. I guess the snow models were right!

I hope spring hits soon for you! Amazing pictures!

Angela Cliff and Sam said...

I LOVE that video! Romeo is adorable! Sam is going crazy about the 'dog' right now. :-)

Emily Richardson said...

Love little Romeo! It is so funny that Jonah won't sit on the tile floor because it is too cold for his bum, but he sat outside all door in the snow- just waiting for a squirrel to come play with him:)!