DWTS Season 10

I LOVE DWTS!! I was so excited last night when this show came back on!

This season is being talked about a lot! There are lots of celebrities and I think it could be an interesting outcome! After the first night, it's hard to say who is going to be the winner but I really liked...
  • Chad Ochocinco- He is Matt's favorite!! ha! I think he can go pretty far! Best football player on DWTS so far!
  • Erin Andrews- Love her and I hope he does well! She is so tall and pretty!
  • Nicole Scherzinger- She will probably be the best dancer and if she gets the fans behind her, she could win. Which I don't agree with since she is basically dances for a living!
  • Aiden Turner- HOTTIE!! He wasn't very good but I would like to be able to keep seeing his pretty face for a while! :)
  • Kate Gosselin- She was super nervous! And the Viennese Waltz probably wasn't going to be the best dance for her. I just want to see a few more dances out of her!
  • Evan Lysacek- Ice skaters can obviously dance! I think he will make it pretty far.

Ones I won't care to see go...
  • Buzz Aldrin- Poor old man is so cute! But he just can't dance!
  • Pam Anderson- She seemed drunk or something... She is just too much for me!
  • Jake Pavelka- I am just really done seeing him every week. He is a dork!
  • Shannon Doherty- Wasn't a fan of her on 90210... still not a fan today. Although she was a decent dancer!
  • Niecy Nash- Don't know much about her but she was funny!
These predictions are solely based on my preferences not their dancing ability! :) And a side note: I really miss Julianne Hough!! She is my all time favorite professional!

So... are you watching?? Who do you predict will win?


Heather Allen said...

Completely agree with your opinions. I love DWTS! Poor Buzz...why in the world do they get the old people knowing the judges will rip them to shreds?

Cheri said...

Did you see Pam Anderson's guy fully cup her "business" when he was attempting to put his hands under her arms? I was in shock to see that. And then Aiden attempting to kiss Edyta's neck but landing his face straight in her cleavage. Well....what a way to start the season! lol

And I DO think she was under the influence of something, seriously do. Very odd and surprised she made it through the dance with how she acted just after.

And why was Gia sitting right next to Vienna? Wasn't that weird?

Ok, anyhoo...not sure I have any favorites yet. I'm impressed Buzz is 80 years old and attempting this, but if he goes farther, it's just popularity, not talent. Same with Aiden unless he really improves. Neicy was funny - love her desire to NOT lose weight from all the exercise. lol

P.S. I found a Dermanew Dermabrasion kit at Marshall's for $25, so now I have my own facial scrub thing! lol

Kubin's said...

I love Julienne Hough too!! and Lacy. Wonder why she's not on there this year. I LOVE Aiden...I love him on All My Children, wish he danced better, but it's still the beginning.
You'll have to do the update every week...I love t.v. show updates HA!

Lindsey said...

How about Kate Gosselin hair?

Kickin' Kari said...

Hey there. I Found your blog through Katie's blog. I am a huge fan of DWTS!I wrote a post about it too! ;)
My Hubby is totally rooting for Buzz Aldrin but I keep telling him he will probably be the first to go.

Emily Richardson said...

Just read your shannon doughtery comment: remember our 90210 buttons and t-shirts we bought at Claire's:)!

Claire said...

I wish one of the cable channels over here would pick up DWTS! We have our onw version (Strictly Come Dancing), but I'd love to see the US version too!