New York, New York!!

In a few weeks, I am going to NYC! I haven't been since I was in about the 6th grade so I am ex-cit-ed to get to go and see all the sights again! Matt and I are going for the first part of the week, then my mom is meeting us and she and I will stay the last part of the week. We have some for sure things we want to do but I am wanting your suggestions too!!

What are you favorite places to eat, shop or sight see in NYC?


Aishlea and Brandon said...

Hi, I don't know if I have ever commented before, but I love your blog!

I've been on multiple girl getaway trips to NYC and have some suggestions for you!

Eat at Carmine's in the Theatre District. It is a family-style Italian place that is so good! Also you and your mom must go to Serendipity!! Oh, and you need to see a play! You can get discount tickets at the TIX booth in Times Square on the day of the show.

I have lots more for you and a list of places with addresses on them if you would be interested. Email me at : aishleabrandon060808@gmail.com


Sara said...

I LOVED NYC when we went a few years back. I would recommend seeing the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero. We also went to the top of the empire state building and rockefeller center. I thought Grand Central Station was neat.

We also took a carriage ride through Central Park and that was very romantic and special.

Hope you have fun!

Jennifer said...

Erin asked about this on her blog a week or two ago and had a lot of comments. You may want to read through them and see if you get any ideas!


Kelly said...

OH I'm so jealous! I've only been once but I loved it! I hope you will blog all about it!!!!

Jessica said...

I second the going to Serendipity!! The Today show is always fun to go to in the morning. Also you can go the day of for an afternoon taping of the Letterman show. They have you walk in, meet a producer and they call you back in a couple hours to let you know you got in for the afternoon. It was fairly easy for us to go to and fun!! Enjoy!

Mallory said...

Chocolate by the Bald Man is terrific! Top of the Rock is incredible as well, I favored that over Empire State Building. The ferry to Staten Island is free and a lot of fun. Don't waste a day getting out at the Statue of Liberty, you can see just as much from the ferry and it doesn't take forever!

jenn said...

carmines is a great place to eat...everything is family style :o)
so go hungry!!
it's in the theatre district :o)

also, serendipity!!!
& cafe lalo from you've got mail!!!

personally...i wouldn't go waste time again going to statue of liberty unless you are dying to take the ferry!!

we saw phantom of the opera and it was spectacular :o)

now i'm wanting to go :o)
have fun!

Todd and Courtney said...

On NYC is my favorite place :)

Pasta Presto is my family's favorite restaurant. It's super quaint and is just on one of the busy streets. Their address is 959 2nd Ave. It's a small restaurant but super cozy. We like more laid back restaurants but this isn't expensive at all and it's nice.

Serendipity is another must. The frozen hot chocolate is AH Mazing!! :) The wait list is insane but we always go, put our name on the list, and walk around until we think its almost our time. We always arrive back at least 30-45 minutes before we think it's our time for a table to be safe.

I also love the coffee place Dean and Deluca (from the old show Felicity). It's near the Today show. We always pop in for Hot Chocolate and to rest our feet.

You can email me for more places: CourtneyEStephenson@Gmail.com

My hubby works for the airlines and lived in the city. I LOVE IT!

Brittney said...

Oh I LOVE NYC! My mom and I go every few years and see shows and shop and eat!

Here are my favorite eating places:
-Europe Cafe (its a chain...but they have an awesome salad bar thingy for lunch...the best location is in Times Square, but they are all over)
-You MUST go to Serendipity and get a frozen hot chocolate.
-Go to Junior's for cheesecake
-The Stage Deli is a great NY Deli. HUGE Sandwhiches
-Bobby Flay's Bar Americain is super good! I always get shrimp and grits, but my mom had an awesome steak there. Its a little pricey...but perfect for a nice dinner.

For shopping- be sure and go to Macy's. Its huge. There is a giant Sephora store I love in Time's Square too. Its bigger than any one I've ever been in.

For fun sights- I love walking around the Toys R Us in Times Square...it has a life size Barbie house! The Metropolian Museum of art is my fave museum...such a wide range of stuff to see.

Enjoy your trip!

Brittany said...

You definitely need to go to Serendipity!! And a couple shows, if you can! Hope you have a wonderful time :)

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

OMG - how fun!! I have never been, but am dying to go!! Can't wait to see all your fun pics and hear about your trip! ;)

Lauren said...

If you go to Serendipity you will be close to Dylan's candy store, it is a fun place to take pictures and it is amazing, BEST rice krispie treats ever! Would definitely go to Carnagie Deli, true New York feel, BEST cheesecake and dessert, and the TKS booth in Times Square is your best bet for tickets to shows at a great price. Wicked is awesome. If you are there on a Saturday afternoon and have time and want to see Mike's show I could see if they have any spots left, but no pressure ; )

Lauren said...

I forgot, Rosa Mexicana, it is fabulous!

Kimberly said...

I only live 45 minutes from New York City and my husband works in NY. I would say Carmine's but it is hard to get into. Take in a show. The last one I saw was Rock of Ages. We have also done the bus tour. The double decker bus - its alot of fun and will show you things we never knew were in NY! oh, go into Central Park too!

Becky said...

I just got back from New York.I went with a friend who was visiting her son. We stayed in a quaint little inn in Greenwich Village called The Abingdon House. My favorite part was that we could walk all over lower Manhattan from there...China Town, Little Italy, Soho. We went to the Chelsea Market where the Food Network is filmed. The Magnolia Bakery (from Sex and the City) on Bleeker street was only a block from the Abingdon. It was fun to see New York from the viewpoint of someone who lives there. If you go before April 11, the Annual Flower Show is going on at Macy's. Flowering trees, plants and topiaries filled the display windows and all throughout the store. It was unbelievable. If you go to the 911 site, just across the street is a place called Century 21. (not the realty company:) It is a place to get designer clothing and accessories at deep discounts. We ate at a couple of quaint places in the Village, one was a French restaurant called Cafe Loupe. The other was a Japanese Restaurant called Shabu-Itzu. If you go to Bryant Park, there is a great quick stop called Pain Quotidian.It's on the square around the park. It's sort of French fast food. You can order at the counter for take out or ask for a table and order from the waiter. Gourmet lunch food! I can tell you more, if you want. A lot of it depends on where you are staying.

Emily Richardson said...

I agree with so many about Serendipity, but I would just go for the frozen hot chocolate/ dessert- their actual food is not that good and you HAVE to have reservations or it is a 2 plus hour wait. Carmine's is also awesome, and I would recommend going when it is all 3 of you, because the servings are huge! You 3 could split one meal and the Tiramisu is fabulous there! I also agree with not wasting time with the Statue of Liberty if you have already seen it. It is however a nice break to ride the ferry just to get off of your feet for a bit and you can also see Ellis Island. The ferry is close to Ground Zero and CENTURY 21!!! You and your mom would love Century 21- high end designer clothes for cheap! The Apple store on Saks is cool too. I know I just sounded like a huge dork but it is neat! AS far as shows- we went to WICKED and it rocked my face off! We loved it, but you can get cheap tickets at TKS the day of a show- it is what my dad and Kathy always do and they have seen some neat things. I'm so jealous and if you need a buddy to go just let me know:)!

Once upon a time with the U's said...

Hi Julee,

I love your blog! I was going to tell you to eat at Carmine's also! If you go for an early dinner, you will have no problem getting in. It is amazing! Also the TIX booth for shows is a must as well! The line is always long, but goes by pretty quick. Grease and Legally Blonde were awesome! There is also an amazing pizza place called Lombardi's- it is the best pizza I have ever had. It has been featured a bunch of times on the Food Network. Here is the website- http://www.firstpizza.com/home.html Also, Little Italy is a great place to have lunch! Any restaurant is good and they have great lunch specials and it is a very quaint part of town with lots of charm! Have fun! Feel free to leave a message on my blog if you have any questions!


Once upon a time with the U's said...

Oh, also Ellis Island is a really neat place to visit. We really enjoyed seeing it! Here is the link to the website: http://www.ellisisland.org/

Miranda said...

My absolute favorite place to eat is Akdeniz. It's a little Turkish restaurant on 46th between 5th and 6th Aves. The Lamb Gyro is to die for!! Hope you have a great time. NYC is my favorite city

Lauren Kelly said...

Soooooo jealous, can I come with???? Ha! Happy Easter, friend!!! :)

Jason Hudson said...

I am so jealous! I love visiting NYC! Definitely go to the top of the Empire State Building or even the "Top of the Rock" atap Rockefeller Center. Go at sunset when the lights in the buildings are on but there is still some color in the sky. Amazing! We love all the little delis and street vendors. Take the free ferry boat from Battery Park to Staten Island and back. You don't have to get off the ferry at Staten... just stay on for a view of the Statue of Liberty and great views of downtown New York. Do walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and see Manhattan from the Brooklyn side, especially at night. Ah there is so much to do. If you're there on the weekend visit the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. Very unusual! Have a blast!