DWTS Season 10- Week 2

This week was a HUGE improvement for most of the contestants! The first week nerves were gone and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves more this week. Well except for Kate... ha!

In no particular order, here are my thoughts on each contestant for week 2!
  • Chad Ochocinco- Well... tonight just wasn't his night with the judges! But I still really like him and he has potential! And I love his charming personality. I felt sorry for him tonight!
  • Erin Andrews- Love her!! She did well tonight and I just love her and Maks together! Hoping she sticks around for a while!
  • Nicole Scherzinger- Wow!! Is she the first person to get a 10 this soon in the competition? It was really good but it still bothers me that she dances for a living! Of course she will be good each week!
  • Aiden Turner- Poor thing got hit in the face 2 times and still did much better tonight! He worked hard this week and had improved a lot since last week. But I still doubt he will be around for long.
  • Kate Gosselin- wow... I don't think I have ever seen anyone mess up so bad on all the years of DWTS! I felt sorry for her, but I think she will be gone this week or next!
  • Evan Lysacek- He was wonderful tonight! He was fun to watch and was definitely one of the best!
  • Buzz Aldrin- Poor Buzz! I think he will be the one to go tomorrow night! I felt so sorry for him only scoring 4's but it just wasn't very good! And what about his wife?? Can we say Botox?! :)
  • Pam Anderson- Pam looked really pretty tonight and not so out of it! She was doing well channeling Marilyn Monroe but she seriously drives me crazy in the interviews with Brooke!
  • Jake Pavelka- The jive was a great dance for him! He did really good! I was pretty impressed tonight.
  • Shannon Doherty- Looked pretty tonight doing the jive but still has moments where she is too tense!
  • Niecy Nash- Great tonight!! She was so graceful and had great poise!
So what do you think? Kate or Buzz as the first to go tomorrow night? We shall see...


carrie said...

PLEASE let Kate go home tonight! I was screaming in embarrassment the whole time she was dancing last night. And....her "poor me" attitude still hasn't changed. Oh and don't even get me started on her hair!

jenn said...

kate is the only one i saw dance at the very end.
and i was cringing the whole time & then her 'pouty' face and not smiling...ugh!
doesn't she know that america can vote her to stay in...at least 'try' and appeal to us the voters.
geesh...i think she might go tonight!

Kathy said...

I've never watched DWTS before and caught Kate's dance because I was flipping through the channels. It was horrible!!! She looked scared and tense the whole time. And why was she constantly looking back at her partner? It was just B-A-D!!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

I felt soooo bad for Kate! I hope Buzz goes; it's sad that anyone has to go but he's definitely the worst. Sorry Buzz :(