Wedge flip flops!

So many of you asked about where to get wedge flip flops! I normally search stores for them each Spring. I have found them at Dillards, J.Crew, Warren's ( a local store ) and Old Navy. Also, if you google wedge flip flops, many come up! Victoria secret has a huge supply and many different brands! Here are a few from their site!

Most of these, along with the original picture are by Colin Stuart and seem to be pretty inexpensive!

These are some super high wedges and they are BCBG!

And lastly... If I had to pick a favorite brand of flip flops, they would be Yellow Box! Many stores sale this brand. You might just have to do some research to find one in your area!

Good luck on your search and I hope this helps all you shorter girls!! :)


Katie's Journey said...

I love Yellow Box flops too!

Mallory said...

LOVE my Yellowbox flip flops!

Jennifer said...

I will not be wearing wedge flip flops...no need for me to be over 6 feet tall, but yellow box are my favs!

Todd and Courtney said...

I love the wedge flip flops. Jcrew marked there's down to $9.98 last year. I stocked up!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Loving the wedge flip flops! Thanks for sharing!! :) Happy Spring!

Ashley said...

LOVE yellowbox! BEST!!!!