Congrats Kristin and Paul!

I am so excited for my lifelong friend Kristin who got ENGAGED tonight!!! We literally have been friends our whole life and have been through so much together...

My mom has the cutest home videos of us when we are about 5 and were playing in my playhouse and laying out by a little kiddie pool! In middle school, we moved on to the same street. We grew up going to the pool together, driving our golf carts back and forth between our houses, we were together when we each got real cars, shared many birthdays with each other, and she was with me the first time that I hung out with Matt! Her new fiance, Paul is also from our hometown! I have so many good memories with Kristin and Paul and can't wait to see them get married!

Kristin and me at the Race for the Cure this past fall!

And this was at our church on Easter! Tizzie, Kristin and I were basically inseparable during our childhood through high school! I love these girls so much!


This is the cute engaged couple!

Kristin and her family are on vacation in Key West this week. Paul flew down there without her knowing it to propose! When she got back from being out in the town, he was waiting for her in the gazebo outside of her hotel room. He had it all set up with candles! I can only imagine her face when she saw him standing there. I am just so happy for them and I can't wait for their wedding this fall!!


Lindsey said...

That's so cool that he flew down there and surprised her!! So sweet!! Congrats to your friends!!!

Katie's Journey said...

That sounds like such a wonderful proposal! Her ring is gorgeous! Hope you enjoy another exciting wedding season it sounds like!

jenn said...

what a great proposal story!!!

i love that i have life long friends...they are the best!!!

congrats to your friends =)

Melissa said...

Wow! What a great engagement story! Her ring is beautiful too!