Just saying Hey!

Just wanted to say hello and I'm still here! Matt and I had a good relaxing weekend at home! We got some things done around our house and rested. We also watched two very exciting HOG baseball games on tv! I was so into these games and so disapointed when we lost! :( But they played so well and the games were so exciting!

I was busy today keeping Brody Francis and then going to doggie birthday party! I will post about both of those when I get the motivation. I don't know what's going on but I have no motivation to blog. I check everyone elses then just get off without posting! I hope to be better about posting this week!

Until then... enjoy this cute pic of Romeo and his friend Winston who came over to play on Friday night!


Kelly said...

Blogger's block happens to all of us. I'll sometimes go a week without posting, and then post every day for a while. Love your blog, especially your hair tips!

Jessica said...

I've had blogger's block as well lately! Romeo is so cute. I used to have a Shiba Inu who looked identical to Romeo :)

Cara Beth said...

I understand completely! I feel like my blog posts are completely lame and I don't post for a while. But I know I'll regret looking back and not having those memories journaled in some way!

Sarah & Jordan said...

Thanks for keeping Jordan updated on the Hogs games via twitter. He was very glad for the updates!

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

Don't feel bad. You are most certainly not alone. I have blogger block right now too. That compounded with having less time to blog than is usual equals nearly no blogging at all.

Romeo and Winston are adorable!