The past weekend!

We spent Father's day weekend in our hometown seeing both families! Father's day is hard on Matt since we lost his dad almost 5 years ago, but we have my dad, grandpa and his grandpa & great-grandpa to celebrate with. And that's what we did! We were super busy all weekend and didn't get home until really late last night but it was so worth it to be able to see all our family and friends! I didn't do a great job at taking photos and my camera died on Sunday but here is a summary of the weekend through pictures I did take!

My parents are doing some re-modeling and this was my first time to see their new hardwood floors!! They are gorgeous and I can't wait for it to all be complete sometime this summer!

Dad, Evan and Matt decided to go hit range balls on the course next to my parents house. Rachel and I went with them and literally sweated to death!
Jack was also hot and bored on the golf course but he was oh so cute! :)

Then we headed back for a great dinner! Dad grilled filets and pork chops and we had twice baked potatoes, salad and sister shuberts! Seriously my favorite meal of all time!

Evan with our Papaw and his father's day gift! I have never seen my Papaw get so excited over a gift! Good job on the book Evan!

Please excuse the horrible picture of me... It was BLAZING hot in South Arkansas and I had sweated all day! But I sure love my Papaw!

Jack was ready to go home and go to bed!

I didn't get a picture with my dad which makes me mad! I need to do better about taking pics with him. He is so good to Romeo when we visit and walks him 3 times a day no matter how hot or cold it is outside! We always kid that Romeo has to detox when we get home from my parents house! He loves my dad so much and so do I! I am so glad I got to be with him on Father's day and sit right next to him at church on Sunday morning! I hope he had a good Father's day!

After church on Sunday, we went to eat with Matt's mom's side of the family then had dessert at her house! It was so good to see all of his family. I just love when we all get together!

Matt's G-dad who we love so much! He had all 4 of his daughters with him on Father's day which I think is so neat!

Matt's mom with her grandfather!! So cool that Matt has his great-grandfather still alive!

We left town and headed home on Sunday afternoon, but stopped in Little Rock to see my roomate/college friend who had her baby last Tuesday! My camera was basically dead so I got no really good pics. :(

Eli Reed Stogsdill
7lbs 5 oz, 21 inches long

I couldn't wait to mee Eli and to see sweet Halle again!! Halle wasn't sure about posing with her future boyfriend! :)

Can you see the future?! ha! This is what we would look like with TWINS and we would totally be ok with this scenario!

Hope everyone had a great Father's day weekend!


Ann said...

Looks like a really fun weekend with lots of good food and family!! Praying you will be blessed with one or two or four of your own!!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

So glad you had a great weekend! I saw that picture of the food on Twitter and about drooled!!

That last picture makes me smile because I know someday ya'll are going to make awesome parents!! :)

Megon said...

Oh...twins look really good on you guys! So sad to hear about Matt's dad but so glad that you guys had such a great weekend.

Cara Beth said...

awwe, you two look good with a baby (or two) in your lap. :)

Matt, Stefan, and Halle Kate said...

oh man I have never seen Halle so mad in her life! She needs to realize that is not the way to impress her future hubby :)

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

You're parents house looks great! Jason and I stopped by there not too long ago and they were in the middle of remodeling, I'm glad I get to see the progress! It's awesome!

Melissa said...

Oh I love the last picture. Twins would be great! So glad that you had a great weekend!

Lola said...

Matt and Julee I saw you post about Gary...he married Tommy and I 26 years ago this July 6th. He was a kind, inspirational and loving man. I have some good pictures of him and our wedding party which was Tim Daniels, Barry Clark and Mark Clark. We grew up in Arkadelphia but moved to Rogers 24 years ago.

We watch Matt every night and he looks so much like his dad and Lisa looks as beautiful as ever. Barry and Sandy are good friends, we keep in touch but do not get to see them as much as we would like to.

Tommy lost his dad Gerald Johnson about the same time and it is a very difficult day. I just wanted to tell you that Gary was very special to us and holds a special place in our hearts as celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary.

Lola and Tommy Johnson