Brody and Dog party!

Brody Francis came over on Monday to play with "Nomeo" while his momma ran errands. I had the best time with him!! He is talking so much these days and I just love seeing him learn new words! I think he is seriously so smart! :)

He says "dat a" in front of everything so this was... "dat a doggie wa-wa".

He chased Romeo around the yard and Romeo LOVED it!
His other favorite thing at Juju's house is the "backum"! See video below... he seriously loves this thing. But honestly who can blame him, I love that Dyson too! :)

He wanted Romeo to have plenty of toys to play with! :)
About an hour after being here, it was during his afternoon nap time and I could tell he was getting tired. I just gave him is paci and his monkey and we laid down. I told him we were going to take a nap and go night-night. It was so funny because I pretended to be asleep and he just talked and talked then all the sudden he was still and quiet. I couldn't believe he had actually gone to sleep! I was so proud of myself! ha! And he slept for about an hour and 15 min before Jennifer got back and woke him up to go home!

Here are some CUTE videos of Brody talking and playing with Romeo!!

Monday night, Romeo was invited to his Shiba friend's Birthday Paw-ty!

How cute is this invitation?! His momma has a side job of designing invitations so that's why they are so cute! Check out her site at...http://girafficarts.blogspot.com.

Leslie and me with our shiba boys!
Romeo loved Socks! Notice his foot, it looks like he has on a white sock hence his name! :)
Romeo and Tucker wrestle the whole time they are together! It wears them out which we love!

Sweet shibas.
Not so sweet shibas. HA!

All the dogs got their own doggie cupcake and a bone for a party favor! So cute!
Some of the dogs getting their cupcakes!

Thanks Jennifer for letting keep your sweet boy and thanks Leslie for inviting Romeo and me to the paw-ty!! That was a really fun Monday! :)


Lauren Kelly said...

Oh, girl… Brody is so full of cuteness and how sweet and cute was that dog party… too much!!!!! :)

Jennifer said...

This just made our morning!:) Brody just said "ohhh nomeo" and then said "oh oh oh backum!!" Haha! I think we watched each video 3 or 4 times! Brody said he misses you, Matt, Nomeo and your backum very much!

Mallory said...

Brody is such a doll! I can't get enough of those sweet flip-flops! And the dog pawty! We had one for our German Shepherd when he turned 1. They are so fun, and I love when our dogs wrestle like that...too cute!

Karen said...

What an awesome day!!! Brody is such a doll.

Stephanie said...

That video of Brody and Romeo is too cute! The invitations are also super creative - how fun!

Ashley said...

All I can say is ADORABLE!!!!!!

Southern Cinderella said...

Brody is such a cutie! Looks like he had a great time with Romeo! I just LOVE dog parties. Each year for Chloe's birthday I have thrown her a birthday party where my family and friends come with their dogs :) It's always a fun and funny day!

Lindsey said...

I love seeing pics of the dogs playing, so cute!! And your other little friend is mighty cute as well!!

Hope you have a good week pretty girl!!

Ashley said...

LOVE the puppy party! what a cute idea! :)

Ting said...

Pawwwwwwty on Romeo!