Thursday prelim.

Thursday Overall:
Gown: Miss Petit Jean Valley
Swim: Spirit of Arkansas
Talent: Miss Northwest Arkansas, Miss SW Arkansas, Miss Lakes of NW

The 2 girls on the right go to OBU (my college Alma mater) and are both in my sorority! Whoo hoo!! :)

Miss Arkansas pageant is 4 nights. The first 3 are prelims where the girls compete in one category each night. Then from those prelim scores they will choose the top 10 on Saturday night who will compete for the title of Miss Arkansas!

I have a busy day planned tomorrow! Looking forward to going back to Hot Springs for the 3rd night prelim tomorrow night! Will post results afterwards!


Lauren Kelly said...

Soooo fun!!!!!! :)

Kelly said...

So fun!!! I love that a girl from OBU won!!!

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