Other weekend photos.

While we got the house ready for the shower, Romeo and Tucker played!

I love these two shibas!!

They passed out while we were still working at 2 am on Sunday morning!

One of my very best friends and her precious 3 month old Halle Kate came to stay with me this weekend! I love when I get to spend time with the two of them!

Matt loved having them at the house too! He will be such a good daddy one day! :)

Love my sweet Halle Kate! I seriously wish she was mine! :)

Love these two kiddos so much!

Brody was his practicing big brother skills! He is going to be so sweet with his new baby sister next month!

Juju had a photo shoot with Halle!

Could she be any more precious?

Have a good Thursday everyone!!


Tiffany said...

Those pups are so adorable! Love the one of them sleeping.

Jennifer said...

The picture of Romeo and Tucker sleeping just made me laugh! Poor dogs!

Erin said...

I keep trying to "like" pictures of Romeo.. I'm too addicted to facebook!

Lauren said...

You and Matt are seriously going to make the best parents someday!!!!! :)

ting said...