Happy Birthday Papaw!

September 11th is a day that most of us will never forget but I have always remembered this day as my grandpa's birthday! Today my Papaw is 88!!! He also shares his birthday with his first grandchild, Shawn!

We have so many special memories with him like the fact that my papaw has never missed a Christmas morning with us!

He took our family to Florida every summer during my childhood! He is the sweetest grandpa ever!

I could write a whole post about how much he means to me. He is such a talented man and I could brag all day about it.

He is faithful blog reader and I just wanted to tell him that I hope he has a great birthday! Love you PAPAW!

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Bear Girl said...

What a good looking...and young looking...grandfather you have. I so wish both my grandfathers were here with me.