Hogs and boredom.

Matt and I were so excited to have nothing to do yesterday except hang out and watch the Hog game! Before the game, we couldn't find Romeo's jersey, so we just made him a shirt! :)

Matt really enjoys putting our tshirts on him! He cracks me up with that little smirk on his face. He is so used to a camera in his face, its so funny!

Romeo and I are ready to call those Hogs!

Showing off the back of the shirt! :)

Giving momma hugs! Love my baby boy so much!

I totally forgot about photo booth on my mac! We were bored after the game last night and these were some of my faves!

Romeo wasn't feeling good (new treats hurt his tummy) and laid by his momma most of the night! I loved it!

Isn't this one crazy?! I have the Razorbacks in my heart! ha! :)

Boring day at the Turners...but I loved every minute of our day at home together! And the HOGS won!! Woo Pig Sooie!


Mallory said...

Romeo is precious!!!

Kelly said...

Doesn't sound boring to me. Sounds like a normal day at the Stamps house in the fall - and I love every minute of those kind of days!
Love the mac pics!

Jennifer said...

I kept thinking something looked different in those mac pics and I finally figured out your bangs are on the opposite side. Ha! I seriously have looked at it 3 times tonight trying to figure it out!

Nancy said...

Sweet pictures with your boy! He's a precious dog!!

Lauren said...

HAHA!! Love it!!! Sounds like a fabulous day to me. Y’all are too cute!!! :)

In this wonderful life... said...

yay for photobooth!! isn't it the best?! :)

ting said...

this is just too precious. I love all the wrinkles on romeo's neck as he snuggles as close as he can next to you!