10.9.10 Bunn/Goza Wedding

I am long overdue to post these wedding pics from last weekend but here they are...

The wedding weekend started with the rehearsal. The wedding and cake reception were held at the bride's parents home. Which is also on the same street at my parents house, so it was very convient! :) Kristin had always dreamed of a wedding there and it was so special to get to see it really happen!

This was a HUGE photo of the couple that greeted the guest at the wedding! Thought this was really cool! Paul is like 6'5 so you can see that this was huge!

I hated eating our beloved Hog but it was sure good! :)

Bride-t0-be and me at dinner!

Love these girls that have been my best friends since we were young kids!

Wedding day lunch- Big Mac! :)

Wedding time! Waiting on the Bride!

Mom and me after the wedding.

Love these cupcakes and the way they were displayed!

After the cake reception, the couple headed out to an after party at a friends river cabin!

They were ready to eat, dance and be married!

Pretty bride ready to party the night away!

Their first dance was in high school but this was their first dance as a married couple! :)

Father/Daughter dance. Mr. Billy loved dipping his ladies! :)

I feel like this picture shows how happy this evening really was!! The brides family all dancing with their new member of the family!

I had an amazing weekend and I am so honored to be apart of Kristin and Paul's life!!


it's such a perfect day... said...

That giant picture is AWESOME!!

And cute cowboy boots Julee!!

Lianna Knight said...

LOVE the giant picture! What a great idea :)

I'm trying to get caught up on blogs today...I'm SO behind!! Love all the pics of Romeo...he and my baby, Kodi, would have so much :)

Bubba Marley said...

LOVE dessert receptions! One of my friends had nothing but cakes at her reception and it was the best!

Lauren said...

What a FUN wedding!!!!! :)